Flow-back Water Treatment for Re-use/Re-injection

Flow-back Water Treatment for Re-use/Re-injection

Flow-back Water Treatment for Re-use/Re-injection

The technology is convenient and mobile. Physical and chemical methods are used to remove the hydrocarbons, suspended solids (ss) and specific ions, in order to meet the requirements for fracturing fluid preparation. Bio-technology can also be applied to flow-back treatment for safe discharge purposes.

Flow-back Water Treatment for Re-use/Re-injection

Flow-back Water Treatment for Re-use/Re-injection

Haimo ESG Group has developed a flow-back treatment and reutilization solution based on the full cycle water treatment experience in the oil and gas field. The technology can meet different customer needs to reuse and discharge the flow-back fluids.

flow-back Water Treatment for Re-useRe-injection flow chart

Flowback fluid is vacuumed into a high energy mixer where specific chemicals will be mixed adequately. After solid-liquid separation, the liquid is delivered to a fine treatment system, following which the effluent is ready for re-use or discharge, whereas the solids will be treated adequately.

After treatment, the effluent will reach the requirements of fracturing fluid preparation:
BReverse crosslink and second stage crosslink will not exist
Mg2+/Ca2+No effect on gel forming and breaking
SO2-5 /S2O2-8≤10mg/L
Apparent Viscosity≤10mPa.s
  • Wide range of applications - this technology has a good impact resistance, which could be used in different fracturing fluid system and fracturing technique for meeting specific fracturing requirements.

  • Various Treatment Types - this technology can be used for mass flow-back treatment with integrated plants, and also designed for individual well-site treatment with high mobility.

  • Meet various treatment requirements - not only for fracturing requirements, but also for safe discharge demands.

  • Skid mounted plants.

Fracturing fluid base:
Effluent requirement:  Frecturing fluid preparation
 Reinjection     Discharge   
Water-base Fracturing fluid type:  Conventional linear gels     Borate crosslinked fluid
 rganometallic crosslinked fluid     Slickwater   
Treat quantity(m³/d):
Station Type :  Mobile Skid     Special Vehicle     Fixed Station
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