CEO of HaimoTechnologies Visited the Middle East

CEO of HaimoTechnologies Visited the Middle East

From 4th to 11th December 2015, Doctor Zheng Ziqiong, CEO of Haimo technologies, paid a week-long visit to OMAN, UAE and Bahrain, accompanied by Executive Vice President Mr. Ma Jun,in order to build a long and successful partnership with local enterprises in the field of oilfield development and oilfield environmental protection by meeting with government and industry leaders.

During this period, Mr. Zheng and his team visited Haimo Technologies’ clients PDO, ZADCO, ADCO and UAE National Gas Corporation. These companies have long installed Haimo Technologies‘ Multiphase Flow Meter and Wet Gas Meter, they all give high praise to Haimo products’ performance and technical services. After Mr. Zheng introduced Haimo Technologies’ technology trend and R&D of subsea MPFM, especially the new business-- oilfield waste water and solid waste treatment, the clients showed great interest.and hope Haimo Technolgies can plan a technology presentation and provide the equipment and services in the area as soon as possible. Both sides exchanged much information, establishing the foundation for future cooperation.


Besides the visits to the clients, Mr. Zheng’s entourage also visited the respective national energy ministers to introduce Haimo Technologies’ development, new product and the new oilfield environmental protection business. During the visit to Omani Energy Ministry, Energy Minister Dr. Mohammad Bin Hamad Al Rumhy introduced the current E&P activities in Oman, and fringe oilfield tenders and unconventional oilfield development status, he suggested that many oilfields in the Middle East such as Oman are entering into secondary recovery phase, oilfield environmental protection, especially waste water treatment will be an important mission, he welcomes Chinese companies like Haimo Technologies to participate in local E&P and Omani oilfield environmental protection business.

In the visit with Bharaini energy minister, the secretary general of the Bahraini oil and gas commission and CEO of Tatweer Petroleum, the largest oil company of Bahrain, were also present. Mr. Zheng presented in detail the business scope of Haimo Technologies and emphasized our new business of oilfield environmental protection services, both the minister and CEO were highly interested in applying the treated water in hi-viscosity heated oil production. They expressed hope to follow up on this service.

In his tour of the Middle East this time, Mr. Zheng also paid a visit to the Chinese Embassy in Oman, met with first secretary Mr. Li Hongyu. Mr. Zheng expressed gratitude for the embassy’s support of Haimo Technologies through these years. Mr. Li conveyed appreciation for Haimo Technologies’ many years of development and hoped it can set an example for Chinese private enterprises in Oman and continue to grow.


During his trip, Mr. Zheng also set aside time to hold townhall meetings with the local staff of Haimo Technologies, to gain understanding of their lives and work, introduced recent company achievements and the global industry condition. While introducing the new business of oilfield environmental protection, it helped to impress the corporate development strategy to the staffs. They showed great eagerness in accepting the new technology and new business model.

Through the visit, Haimo Technologies enhanced the communication with clients also understood the short- term and long-term requiements of the clients, confirmed the possibility of company’s international co-operation strategy, built a solid ground to expand the international business. Meanwhile, the local government and enterprise got a deeper understanding of HaimoTechnologies’ overall strength and new business.

1.Mr.Zheng visited with Oman Energy Ministry :

2.Mr.Zheng visited with Bharaini energy minister, the secretary general of the Bahraini oil and gas commission and CEO of Tatweer Petroleum :

Mr.Zheng visited with Bharaini energy minister

3.Mr.Zheng visited with first secretary of the Chinese Embassy in Oman :

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