• Haimo’s New Wet Gas Flow Meter through Performance Test and Assessment of NEL

    From August 9 to August 10, 2012, Haimo’s new product gas flow meter received the two-day performance test and assessment at NEL (National Engineering Laboratory, Glasgow, UK) and through the authoritative test and assessment of NEL on Haimo’s wet gas flow meter, the root-mean-square errors (RMSE) of air mass flow rate, liquid mass flow rate and total mass flow rate are measured to be 0.51%, 5.77% and 1.17% respectively, which hit a record high internationally in the field of wet gas metering.
  • Haimo Technologies Holds a Lecture

    To create a learning organization, further standardize the company’s management structure, consolidate the credit consciousness as a listed company, improve management and professional competence of the managerial personnel, on September 29, 2012
  • Lanzhou Haimo Technologies Co., Ltd. Awarded a Governor’s Financial Award of 201

    On February 13, 2012, Gansu Provincial Financial Work Conference was grandly held in Lanzhou. At the conference, the essence of the national financial work conference was communicated for learning and implementing
  • Petrofac Chinese Market Manager Visits Headquarter of Haimo in Lanzhou

    The chief delegate in Beijing representative office and Chinese market manager of Petrofac oilfield engineering recently visited headquarter of Haimo in Lanzhou. The trip is for the progress of contract performance communication and consultation. The contract was signed between Haimo and Petrofac to provide MPFMs and services for the ASAB uncompartmentalized oilfield development project of ADCO.
  • Haimo Technologies is Granted Another Two Patents

    In September 2010, Haimo is granted another two patents and receives the certificates:One is European patent:Name: Adjustable type guide vortex gas–liquid separating apparatus and separating method,Patent No.: 1666153
  • Haimo Technologies Donates to Zhouqu

    From August 7, 2010 evening to dawn of 8th, landslide and mud-rock flow was initiated by heavy rains in Zhouqu County, Gannan Tibetan autonomous district, Gansu., it has led Bailongjiang River, upstream branch of Jialing River, to form imprisoned lake, caused significant personnel casualty, interrupt of electric power, transportation and communication.
  • Haimo Technologies is Garanted Three Domestic Utility Model Patents

    In June 2010, Haimo is granted three utility model patents and receives the certificates from State Intellectual Property Office.
  • Technologies & Company LLC and PDO Signed an Extended Contract

    On 29th, March, 2010, Haimo Technologies & Company LLC and PDO signed an extended contract which extends the contract “mobile surface well testing” signed in April, 2007 from 3 years to 4 years, valid up to April, 2011. This has been the 3rd extension of this contract since its initial signing.
News and Events
CEO of HaimoTechnologies Visited the Middle East
From 4th to 11th December 2015, Doctor Zheng Ziqiong, CEO of Haimo technologies, paid a week-long visit to OMAN, UAE and Bahrain, accompanied by Executive Vice President Mr. Ma Jun,in order to build a long and successful partnership with local enterprises in the field of oilfield development and oilfield environmental protection by meeting with government and industry leaders.
Haimo has been a regular participant at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) – the largest oil and gas event in the world and this year too, Haimo was back again in full strength for OTC 2017.
Haimo Technologies at MEOS 2017
On this 20th edition of the MEOS exhibition, held during the month of March 2017, Haimo Technologies has showed its prominent presence by exhibiting MPFM and IPOS related solutions and services.
ADIPEC 2018 HAIMO technologies Group Corp. Waiting for You
12-15 November 2018,Haimo Technologies Group Corp. with subsidiary SITAN Instruments, Shanghai QINGHE & HAIMO energy will attend ADIPEC 2018 as exhibitor.
HAIMO Subsea Two Phase Wet Gas Flow Meter Device Obtained China Classification Society(CCS) Certificate of Type Approval
On May 23rd,2018,the subsea two phase wet gas flow meter device of HAIMO Technologies Group Corp.(hereinafter referred to as HAIMO Technologies was certified by China Classification Society (hereinafter referred to as CCS) and obtained the certificate of type certification of CCS.
HAIMO Technologies (Group) Co., Ltd. obtained Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certification for multiphase flowmete
HAIMO Technologies (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HAIMO Technologies") recently received standard certification of single dual-energy gamma sensor, explosion-proof data acquisition system CAN / CSA issued by Canadian Standards Association (CSA) .The certificate numbers are: 70130228, 70130230, 70130231, 70130232.
Haimo Technologies Group Corp. got the certifications of Weapons and Equipment Quality Management System and Nuclear Ind
​In recent days, Haimo Technologies Group Corp. got the certifications of Weapons and Equipment Quality Management System and Nuclear Industry Quality Management System issued by Beijing Xingyuan Certification Center.
Haimo Technologies has celebrated the Safety Day 2017
Haimo has conducted the safety day on 9th and 10th May 2017 for PDO and MEDCO site Given the safety recognition award to our Mobile well testing and MPFM Maintenance con-tract of Haimo employees, regards to completion of 4 years without LTI @ well test-ing contract and No LTI @ MPFM Maintenance contract (> 13 years). And everyone has promised that to continue our Goal Zero Journey @ site (No harm-No Leaks).
Lanzhou Haimo Environmental Technologies took part in the 2nd Xi’an International Environmental Protection Industry Expo
The 2nd Xi’an International Environmental Protection Industry Exposition was held in Xi’an from 18th -20th Nov 2016, exhibitors from around 120 companies took part in the exposition.
Haimo Technology attracted people’s eyes on OTC
Offshore Technology Conference(hereinafter referred to as OTC) was held in Houston's NRG Park from 2nd- 5th May 2016, exhibitors and attendees from different companies from around 110 countries took part in this global event.
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